The EU and the Democratization Process in Turkey: Challenges and Opportunities

Elena Baracani


Credible Commitments: An Elusive Quality in EU-Turkey Accession Negotiations

Mehmet Ugur


The Influence of Turkey's Accession to the European Union on the EU-Russian Energy Relations

Tatiana Romanova


Presentation of the book of Michalis Attalides: 'Cyprus, State, Society and International Environment'

Thursday, 9th July 2009, 7.00 p.m, University of Nicosia, UNESCO Amphitheatre

The University of Nicosia, The Daedalos Institute of Geopolitics and Papazisis Publications has successfully organized the presentation of the book of Michalis Attalides: 'Cyprus, State, Society and International Environment' (Athens 2009, Papazizis Publishers).

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Turkey and the European Union: Problems and Prospects

Thursday, 11th June 2009, 8.30-17.45, Holiday Inn, Nicosia

Daedalos Institute of Geopolitics has successfully organized the international conference “Turkey and the European Union: Problems and Prospects”, on the 11th June 2009 at Holiday Inn, Nicosia.

Following the commencement of accession negotiations with the EU, Turkey is again facing a Western challenge and a promising opportunity. Its drive for westernization is now taking the form of Europeanization, that is, the reform of structures, institutions and policies to meet the requirements of the logic, political dynamics and administrative mechanisms of the European Union.
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Energy Security and The Geopolitics of Energy

Friday, 21st November 2008, 8.30-17.30, Hilton Park, Nicosia

The precipitous rise in the international price of oil from around $30/barrel in March 2003 to nearly $110/barrel five years later and the continuous supply crises, which have been bedeviling the flow of Russian natural gas to Europe via Ukraine (January 2006, March 2008) and Belarus (January 2007), indicate that the international energy security system is reaching an important turning point. The European Union, Russia and the U.S. seem to be entangled within a partly cooperative partly confrontational relationship over the security and reliability of European energy imports.

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Other Activities

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